Sunday, June 1, 2014

IKEA Replaced Damaged Shelf Piece & Gift Card After My Request For My Trouble!

So I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that my husband and I exchanged that top piece of the shelf due to forklift damage with no problem and for the trouble I asked for a discount or gift card.  That box should have never been put out to sell in my honest opinion.  Usually their items are perfect by the time we get them home and we have never had any problems with assembling them either.  Anyways, the cashier said that she couldn't do anything for me unless she gave me a discount refund but I would have to keep the damaged piece as is.  I did not want to do that so I asked her if I could speak to a manger.  She actually did instead and came back with a $15.00 IKEA gift card!  Well that's all for now!  I am so happy to finally have a perfect KALLAX shelf for my girls in perfect condition too and a gift card for something else I need at IKEA!!!  Yayyy!!!

Love, A xo

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