Tuesday, May 27, 2014

IKEA Has The Perfect Shelving For Blythe Dolls and Other Collections!

So I decided to go to IKEA to purchase a shelf for my dolls and accessories.  Went to the famous Monkey IKEA in North York where Darwin the monkey in a jacket was found.   I wanted a white shelf but something that was more compartmentalized so that I could use the individual spaces for pictures like a diorama.  It's like a big blythe condo lol

I fixed it up a little bit but it still needs more dolly furniture and things :) xo

This is the Kallax shelf for $129 CND plus tax.  There are many different styles and colors too that I feel would suit many different collectors and their different rooms.  IKEA.com for more!

I have to buy some doll stands and more dolly furniture too!  I think in time it will be perfect.  On the bottom of that shelf on the left I have non dolly retro vintage games.  Then I have a few of the BL Takara boxes, My Vintage 1971 Apple Pie knitter and a white storage box filled with dolly clothes and shoes!  Then on the 3rd shelf from the bottom I have some dolls and the Takara Veeno Vespa Scooter, Then above that Takara outdoor patio furniture and dolls and on the top shelf I have dolls and the IKEA living room furniture set.  On the very very top I have dolls, a Kenner Blythe 1972 case and a signed print from Gina Garan!  Yay!!!

I may sell some of my EBL Takaras.  Original Cherry Berry and Love Mission may go?  I am not sure yet.  I want to make sure before I sell them.  I seem to like customs and fantasy hair colors best with the EBL face mold.  I am just going to think about it for a bit more before I decide because it seems some EBLs don't go for much anyways and I have had those dolls for a while now.

I did notice a mark on the top piece of the shelf made by the forklift so I called IKEA and they said to bring in the piece and they will exchange it no problem.  Even though you can't really see it, I paid for a shelf that was in perfect condition.  When I go back I will also ask for a discount for all my trouble.  Wish me luck!

A xo

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