Monday, October 15, 2012

Blythe Dolls In Boston & Salem Massachusetts!

I was always interested in Boston and Salem because they hold great history, Massachusetts is not known as The Spirit of America for nothing!  We decided to book it and went last week.  We arrived in Boston in the afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful evening filled with bright lights and yummy seafood!  The next day we set forth to do the tourist thing.  In the warmth and sunshine we got to walk the freedom trail and we got to see first hand Americas great beginnings.  Even before that we started literally in the middle at the Boston Common with it's lovely trees, lush green grass, frog pond with cute building and lovely fountain.

  It was the perfect place to soak in the surrounding sites, as well.  We got on the freedom trail and discovered the historic North end by foot thanks to the perfectly placed so everyone can see red line in brick and painted on the historic walkways of Boston!

I won't go into detail for you because I really think that everyone should walk this trail for themselves but what I will say was I was very surprised to find that in the midst of all that wonderful history was Little Italy!  Being Italian myself I was very proud to see such a beautiful and large Italian community thriving there.  It was the perfect stop for lunch and we had such a yummy Italian panini.

The next day the weather wasn't  the greatest so I decided we would check out Salem.  I figured the dark and dreary weather would only add to it's appeal and our overall experience.  I was right!  Salem also had a walk and we followed it by foot and trolley.

I was really impressed with the lovely shops and I guess so was Eva Mendez because she was shopping in the same one I was at too lol  She was dressed so covertly that I didn't even recognize her and it was only after the shop clerk spoke to me about her did I notice.  The clerk was all excited that she just served Eva and started telling my husband and I right after she left.  I heard that she filmed a movie there not too long ago but not sure why she was there then and what exactly was she buying lol  It was an occult shop so I wonder lol

The locals were great too. Very nice people in Salem and in Boston also!  We were taking the subway and the first time no where that I could see did it list the price for a fare so I asked someone.  Well not only did he tell me what it was but he wanted to pay my way lol  I had to insist that that wasn't necessary and thank him kindly for his help. We were lucky and got to spend a week there and enjoyed the Salem seaside in summer like weather too.  It was perfect and I do plan on going back.  Cape Bacala, er... I mean Cape Cod which is another part I want to visit too.  I love coastal areas so much.

All in all it was a great time and I feel blessed to have experienced the beautiful US of A again!  So very glad that Canada has such a wonderful and amazing neighbor! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

A xo



  1. Hi, Anna. Great blog! I just stumbled across it and can't wait to settle in and read more. I am a wanna-be Blythe mama and mother to two flesh and blood boys. :-) I JUST (as in yesterday) launched a new blog for doll lovers called "Never Too Old for Dolls". I am planning to interview doll collectors, doll lovers, doll artists, etc. for the blog. I would love to interview you and feature you and your blogs in a post. Please let me know if you're interested. Can't wait to hear from you. Here's a link to the new blog:

  2. Hi Laura, Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog ^o^ It really is so much fun. Your blog sounds awesome too! You are really never too old for dolls (: I will certainly have to check it out and let you know about the interview too.

  3. Thanks, Anna! I'll look forward to hearing from you. Take care!